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Alternative Harassment Resolution Course - St. John's

RE: Alternative Harassment Resolution Course – St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador - October 24-25, 2016

We are offering an exciting workshop focused on non-investigative ways of addressing concerns about workplace bullying and harassment.
Some harassment allegations absolutely need to be investigated. A failure to investigate when an investigation is indicated can be disastrously harmful to victims, the workplace, and an organization’s reputation. But, if the potential harassment is minor, if it is caught early enough, and if the parties are open to collaborative approaches, all, including the victim, can often be better served by accessing methods other than investigation. If indicated, an Alternative Harassment Resolution intervention can be an effective way to deal with the situation.
This two day course is focused on: knowing when to play and when not to play the investigation card, and, in the right situation, knowing how to implement appropriate non-investigative ways of addressing concerns about workplace bullying and harassment.    
We hope that you will join us October 24-25, 2016 in St. John’s for this cutting-edge workshop!
To register please visit:


How to Facilitate Meaningful Dialogue, Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving

October 3rd to October 7th, 2016  at Mapleton Lodge (Rotary)

Moncton, New Brunswick  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS


 Annual General Meeting Report

The ADR Atlantic Annual General Meeting and Election of Directors & Officers took place at Saint Mary's University, Halifax on May 7, 2016.

The AGM included a presentation by Dr. Martha E. Simmons, Professor at Osgoode Law School on the topic:  "Dispute Resolution and Complex Problems: What we need to know"

This interactive presentation covered the definition and distinction of complex problems, innovation vs. creativity and the role of dispute resolution in resolving complex disputes. It will share results from a cross-Canada study and engage participants in discussions about their own experiences with complexity.

 Dr. Simmons (left) being introduced to the 35 members by Pamela Large-Moran, C.Arb., C.Med.
 New Board of Directors
Wendy M. Scott, C. Med. (President)
Ron Pizzo, Q. Med. (Vice President)
Lynne Poirier, Q. Arb., Q. Med. (Treasurer)
Andrew D. Butt, C. Med., Q. Arb. (Past President)
Eight others were elected or continued with their 3-year term: Frank DeMont, Q. Med., Myer Rabin, Q. Arb., Eric Slone, C. Arb., Kathryn Gregory, Heather White, C. Med., Alain Paulin, C. Med., Tim Brodie, C. Med., Q. Arb., Pamela Large-Moran, C. Arb., C. Med.,


New featured presentation style for ADRIC Conference

ADR Atlantic Member Tim Brodie, C.Med., Q. Arb. presented his theory on the Keys to the Universe as one of ten ADRIC Talks presentations at the National Conference held in Calgary. All of the ADRIC Talks presentations were well received and they will be available online soon at the ADRIC website.


This is the group of ADRIC Talks presenters at the ADRIC National Conference in Calgary. Our Tim is at far right (brown jacket). These presentations were short Ted Talks style and were received very well -- there are fantastic ADR projects all over Canada. 
The new ADRIC logo and branding was announced at the Conference and it is featured on the banner at the right.

You will find Tim's presentation on YouTube using the title The Keys to the Universe or visit the ADRIC website and search there ( ).


 40-hour Arbitration Course

Watch this space for the announcement of the next offering

Note: The Moncton course launched on November 30th and the St. John's course was postponed due to low interest. An announcement will be made in 2016 about future offerings in Atlantic Canada. For more information or to express interest in a future offering of the course please send a message to  

The 40-hour course has been developed by the National ADRIC Board to meet the education component of both Arbitration Designations (Q Arb and C Arb).  Professional Development credits have been approved by the NB, NS, PEI Law Society.

The course will be a first step towards becoming an accredited arbitrator and the audience for this course includes:

Lawyers, Union Representatives, Management and HR specialists in HR and Labour Relations,  insurance adjudicators, investigators, Chairs of adjudication panels, anyone who presents a case at arbitration hearings, commercial arbitrators, construction arbitrators  -- aspiring arbitrators!




Halifax workshop, May 2015, Summary by Cavell Boone

 “Transformative Mediation has been adopted in a wide array of contexts including organizational, court, community and governmental settings and has been used in family, neighbour, divorce, youth, multi-party disputes. It has also been adapted for conflict interventions that address team development and organizational disputes” (ADRAI training brochure, March 2015) 


The full article can be accessed by clicking here:

Transformative Mediation Training Summary by Cavell Boone.pdf




FEES for Processing Designations Applications will be charged starting on July 1, 2013

At the May 30 2013 regular meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board reviewed its work with applications for designations. The Board found that the workload is becoming large for the volunteers who do assessment (there have been 16 applications started since September 2012). The process now requires administrative support to manage the applications and the committees now have costs associated with their meetings. The Board has polled other affiliates and learned that Ontario requires a $500 fee to process applications for Chartered Designations and $200 for Qualified Designations. Saskatchewan and Manitoba charge a fee of $200 for all applications. The Board has approved the following fee structure to be implemented for new applications for designations received from July 1, 2013 onwards:

Application for Chartered Arbitrator or Mediator  $200 plus HST processing fee will apply

Application for Qualified Arbitrator or Mediator    $100 plus HST processing fee will apply


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